Each farm is unqiue and has its own profile to tell their indivdual story. 
Each farm will have different products and services to offer, most will have soil carbon offsets to sell and much more besides. 
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Investing in British family farms
Much more than carbon offsetting. 
  • High international standard of certification. 
  • Fast offsetting - soil offsets take place in just 1 year compared to trees which take decades to grow.  
  • Huge potential - chaning the way we farm globally to a more regenerative system could sequester billions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. 
  • Regenerative farms are shown to be much more biodiverse in the plants, insects, micro organisms, birds and animals that call these farms home.   
  • High quality soils store more water reducing flood risk and making a more resilient food system. 
  • Healthy quality local food production. 
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Promote diversity in the landscape.
What do I get for my money?
- A 3rd party verified carbon offsetting certificate. 
- A chance to visit a regenerative farm.
- Updates and insights throughout the year on your regenerative farm. 
-Help and guidance on how to comunicate your offsetting with your customers.  
- Have the opportunity to buy produce from a regenerative farm. 

Each farm is unique and what they have to offer will be too our objective is to showcase the good practise going on in local farms and the opportunities that can come from that. 
For businesses looking to offset and form strategic partnerships with us and the farms use the contact form below. 
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Further reading....
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