Become a trained Soil Carbon Advisor. 

We offer free training to farm level agronomists to understand our system and farming practices that have the potential to sequester carbon. 

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Steps for a farm advisor/agronomist. 

Step 1

Sign up

Create a free profile on the platform. 

We  recommend that each farmer works with a carbon trained agronomist.  

We are training more agronomist companies. Get in touch to be involved in this. 

Signing up to CommodiCarbon is done using the link in the main website menu. 

Step 2


Track your carbon sequestration throughout the year and take steps to improve it. 

Commodicarbon is an online platform where you input information about each field you wish to enrol in the program. 

Information includes soil characteristics, tillage practices and fertiliser use etc. 

You can then plan the years operations and see what potential for carbon sequestration that will result in. 

The online system is evolving all the time and new practices are being added. Be part of the development. 

Set 3


After harvest carbon measurements are verified and certificates are issued.

After harvest each year, practices are verified and calculations are checked. 

There are several layers of verification: satellite technology is used alongside trained agronomists and 3rd party sign off. 

Certificates are issued by a 3rd party and are block chain secured and tracked meaning credits cannot be re-sold. 

Step 4


Carbon certificates are sold, payment is received, the process begins again for the next crop year.  

The carbon credits are issued to the farmer. Gentle Farming can then help to sell the certificates and promote regenerative farming. We will feature farmers on the website and achieve a premium for the carbon certificates. In the future we plan to link the sale of additional produce from the farm under a regenerative farming brand. The cycle takes place once each crop year and can be thought of as an extra crop to harvest. 

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