Barley Fields

 Gentle Farming

Certified soil carbon offset and capture from Uk farms.

A metric to measure and validate regenerative practices.

On the journey to net zero agriculture.

Garden Soil


Supports all life on earth.


It has huge potential to sequester and store atmospheric carbon. 

The amount of carbon in the soil is directly linked to the SOM (Soil Organic Matter) content. 

If we increase soil organic matter we are increasing carbon levels in the soil.

In UK farmland organic matter levels have been falling due to poor farming practices.

This trend urgently needs to be reversed.

Farming systems with higher soil carbon levels will: 

  • Grow healthier crops which leads to healthier foods and healthier people

  • Support national food security 

  • Increase biodiversity of soil ecosystems which supports above ground diversity

  • Have higher quality landscapes to improve the well being of society

  • Reduce flood risk and improve water quality

  • Sequester and store atmospheric carbon


I spoke to Mark Cribb about what we are doing on our farm and what Gentle Farming and regenerative agriculture is. 


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Soil carbon offsets

Our offsets are certified to ISO-14064.

Meet United Nations guidelines.

Are independently 3rd party verified.

Are block chain secured and tracked. 

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Our farms

This map shows farms across the country using sustainable farming techniques.

Gentle Farming totals. 


Number of Uk Farms using sustainable farming techniques.


Average number of c02e offset tonnes produced
per year per hectare.
Typical range : 2-3. 
Some fields seeing 4+.


Number of hectares using sustainable agricultural principles.

100's of billions

 of micro-organisms cared for, promoting above ground biodiversity. 

Regenerative agriculture is more than carbon.

Working With

Gentle Farming supports the Sustainable Development Goals.  
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Supporting organisations. 

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The Farming Forum

With over 45,000 members this online community of farmers are helping to get our message out

direct driller..jpg

Direct Driller Magazine. 

This magazine focuses on educating and spreading the word about good soil health.



Commoditrader is a Europe wide grain trading platform. 

Also the creator of commodicarbon one of Europe's first soil carbon certification programs. 

farm 491.png

Royal Agricultural University Farm 491 

A leading Uk based innovation space, supporting food and farming entrepreneurs to build viable and impactful businesses.

Planet Mark

The Planet Mark is a sustainability certification for every type of organisation.


Agri Grub

A pioneering sustainable solution to food waste in the UK using a remarkable insect called the Black Soldier Fly. 

We feed waste fruit and vegetables, that would otherwise end up in landfill, to the larvae.  

waste mgt.png

Watse Management Facilities

A national waste management service focused on improving the environmental impacts of the waste harnessing new technologies and innovative techniques. 



On a mission to make sustainability simple for small businesses across the country. 

Allowing businesses to track, manage and share their sustainability journey all in one place.

A world leading Uk based imagery analytics provider. Using satellite imagery to verify practices have taken place at field level. 


Hummingbird Technologies

A partner in developing the Commodicarbon program, delivering the free training for agronomists to become certified soil carbon advisors.  



2021 Digging for innovation prize winner. 

farm 491.png

The overall winner was Thomas Gent of Gentle Farming, whose business model and system allows farmers to quantify and market the amount of soil carbon they are sequestering into their soils per year. A regenerative farmer himself, Thomas made the most of the first lockdown by looking into what opportunities soil carbon could provide for farmers and promote regenerative agriculture. 

BASF’s Mike Green comments “Thomas has used his lockdown to great effect, with consultation and buy-in from others what many are only thinking about doing. The focus beyond just carbon is very important and the journey towards full international accreditation shows a wider understanding of the market complexities. A very exciting project and a worthy winner of the competition.”

Image by Steve Douglas


High quality soil holds more water which reduces flood risk and mitigates against the effects of drought conditions. Good quality soil filters water effectively and limits run off. 

Image by Chris


A handful of soil holds more micro organisms than there are humans on earth.  High quality soil supports a diversity of life which in turn supports above ground diversity in the plants and animals we see. 

Farmer with Daughters


Healthy soils grow healthy plants, supporting healthy humans. Working to support local food production and shorter supply chains. Educating people about where their food comes from is a passion among regenerative farmers.